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Custom Trade Show Booths

Our company have created a large number of award winning custom exhibits. Our main goal is to meet your own show objectives. We begin with an analysis of your product, market position, sales and marketing goals. We then try to design a custom trade show exhibit that will meet your company’s goals. In addition, we are meticulous enough to review not only your show schedule but also other factors that can affect the show as well as impact your marketing before, after and during the show.

Check out all our Las Vegas trade show displays that we did for our client.

Custom Trade Show Booths

Custom Trade Show Exhibit

  • Design – Our services are centered on custom trade show booths. We design and create an award winning trade show exhibit for you that will leave a lasting impression to your prospective clients who will attend the show and would thus bring success to your business even after the show is over. Take a closer look at our trade show exhibit portfolio and see samples of our work.
  • Unique and dynamic custom trade show exhibit design – It would bring clients and prospects to your show and leave them a positive imprint about your product or service.
  • Graphics – The exhibits that we create are patterned from the use of the most innovative technologies. We have a team of in-house staff that produce these high-quality graphics.
  • Fabrication & Craftsmanship – Our hired craftsmen can produce over-the-top custom trade show exhibits. They make use of the latest manufacturing and industrialized methods as well as very keen attention to detail in order to create the highest quality designs.
  • Trade Show Services – Other trade show services that we offer include advance planning, event coordination, trade show booth setup and dismantling, shipping, storage, and maintenance of your exhibits.
  • Dedication – Our team is dedicated to answer all of our client’s inquiries.



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