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Essential Staff Training You Need

A pre trade shows staff training is one of the important ways of preparing to a trade show exhibit. It is a fact that communication and marketing skills are a vital part in every trade show. Having the right staff with knowledge and equipped with training is a crucial way to achieve your goal in a trade show exhibit.

It is advised to send your trade show staffs to necessary trainings to equip them with the skills needed at the trade show.

The following are the basic needs of your staffs to have and to do before the exhibit

  • Look for a trade show expert and trainer to train your staff before the trade show.
  • Assign a head in the booth to supervise and monitor the booth arrangement and other activities.
  • Use motivations like incentives in order to motivate your staff to work more.
  • You can also use incentives like gift coupons to get traffic via locally or online.
  • Train your staff on how to be polite in assisting and dismissing your visitors courteously.
  • Assign the right staffs during trade show exhibits. If you have an engineering firm, assign engineers to talk with prospect customers so that they can engage to the customer well.

The following are the necessary things that should be done in order to get traffic during trade show

  • Have a bright aura with a friendly smile.
  • Be sincere and confident. When you talk to prospects, have an eye to eye contact. Be friendly in approaching, engaging and qualifying them.
  • Be confident and professional. Put in your mind that you have a solid knowledge and you know more about your product or service than anybody else.
  • Treat your audiences as your visitors in your home. Show hospitality.
  • Try to have a friendly and receptive body language.
  • Keep your trade show booth and clean, neat and well arranged every bow and them. Trade show booth cleanliness matters to the audiences.
  • It advised to put name badge on the right side of your body so that it will be seen clearly when you shake hands with your prospect.

Below are the don’ts during trade show exhibits

  • Do not eat drink or chew gum while assisting an audience or a prospect.
  • Do not leave your trade show booth to accept or make calls during the exhibit hours. There should always be somebody in your booth always.
  • Refrain from sitting. Well, except during conferences on your conference area.
  • Never be late. Consider your other booth mates.
  • Do not leave your booth unattended for there are lots of people in the area and there might be unlikely things to happen.
  • Do not visit other booths if not needed.

Proper preparation is needed during trade show exhibits, not only in your material but also in equipping your staffs with the right knowledge skills and information about the product or service that you are promoting. There are still lots of things that you should prepare for during trade show exhibits and it is better to know them that to be left without anything.

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