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How to Create an Eye Catching Trade Show Booth

One way to get the traffic on a trade show exhibit is to design your trade show booth dramatically that could intrigue and get the attention of every visitor who enters the trade show area. We can’t deny the fact that physical aspects attract the audiences first. This is the first step in getting the traffic the rest follows. Since design is the first require, it should also be given importance.

Creating a dramatic design especially the usage of technology to your trade show booth is the most effective way in gathering people. There were booths which lacks creativity and design which also failed on trade show exhibits. We do not want this to happen.

  • Offer valuable services to the visitors of your booth. Who would deny a free invitation? Nobody. Offering this kind of service will really get the attention of your audiences and gives them a reason to drop by or stay in your booth. This could be a little costly approach but surely this becomes a win-win situation for you.
  • Find a location that is a little far from the crowd. Think of this, how can you get the attention of the crowd in you are of them? So you need to be a little far from others in order for you to catch their eyes. But be sure to have an attractive design so that your plan will not be useless.
  • Find Ways to be the Center of Attraction. As much as possible, think of a unique strategy that will make your booth be different from others. You may get and hire some entertainers, use a video presentation with the help of technology effects.
  • Use Designs which will get the attention of visitors. As what was said, physical aspect gets the attention first so it is better to design your booth attractively. You may use LCD projectors to big screens with effects.
  • Provide an ample space for your visitors and attendees to try your products and services. There should be enough space for your visitors so that everybody will be comfortable while staying in your booth. If you offer free service like spa, you should give enough space not only to those who are given the spa but also to those who are waiting for their turn. This will give them a reason to have more patience in staying and waiting for their turn.

Participating into a trade show exhibit is not an easy task. It needs much planning, preparation and effort in order to be successful. Design is a vital part but offering the best product and services are the most important. There are still lots of ways to be the center of attraction during the trade show exhibit. You can read more and try to play with your imagination in planning not only in the design but also in the interactive activities in order to get the traffic in trade show exhibits. So do not be afraid to look for more, experiment and create.

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