Custom Booth Displays


POM Exhibits is a company that has proven itself to outperform challenge time and again. POM’s team of professionals will provide you with step by step advice and solutions for any budget. We will even provide you with an initial custom booth design FREE to show you how our expertise and willingness to be your company’s extension.


POM’s award winning team of  designers have designed over 1000+ designs and we can help you magnify your brand and stands out of the crowd. With our talented skills at our disposal, you will get a unique, one of a kind, mind blowing exhibit that will attract your prospects. The best thing is, you get to choose several designs until you are satisfied!


Our production house is capable to build and manufacture any design using suitable material at an optimum cost. Our builders will turn your design concept into reality, making sure that each component manufactured satisfied the ISO9001 standards. We don’t just provide quality but we also provide hazard free exhibit.


Our in-house staff provide hassle free and piece of mind delivery from the manufacturing base to anywhere in the world. We prepare all the necessary forms, coordinate the various steps, allocating a single project manager who will follow through on all details to make sure your project stays on schedule and arrive in excellent condition.


Our storage facilities will provide shelter and damage control to all goods. Making sure your exhibit are safe and sound by eliminating any potential climate related damage. You can assure that your exhibit and its components are complete and in good condition.


POM provides a project manager who will be supervising and inspecting the installation and dismantling of the exhibit booth during and after the tradeshow. You can assure we get the right person to get the job done right. When the event is over, our team takes care of dismantling and shipping your exhibit so it is ready for the next event whenever you needed.


POM Exhibits has what it takes to handle anything and everything you’ll need to make your event a success. We can coordinate and assume any or all of your exhibit related functions, freeing you to focus entirely on your marketing and sales targeted activities. We are your one-stop show service experts.


As the saying goes, picture is worth a thousand words. POM can provide world class graphics and audio video presentation that will make your company outstanding. We can also enhance existing graphics for your existing exhibit and produce exceptional total makeover so you deliver the right marketing message cost effectively.


Lighting are crucial for any exhibit booth to attract the crowds and magnify your brand. POM provide an extensive theatrical lighting service to highlight your booths, showcase, magnify your brands, create an outstanding atmosphere, and messages to your prospect without neglecting your theme.