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Trade Show Exhibit – What Not To Do

Planning is a vital part especially in business life. We should always be prepared and have necessary plan for each happening. Remember a saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”? This is what business people usually do.

During trade shows exhibits, planning is also important because the success on an exhibitor depends on how they planned for the trade show. Bu there are little wrong things that we keep on doing which results to negativity. In order to keep yourself from these errors, you should know first what they are.

Below are Five of the Major Trade Show Exhibit Mistakes:

  • Working on Haste. Time is the only opponent we can’t win over. Who can plan and work things well if you are given not enough time? It is also the same with participating in trade show exhibits. If you are tasks to participate in an exhibit in 2 days, better not to because there is a big possibility that you’ll sacrifice your team’s and company’s morale. You might not be able to match up the qualifications to your goals that may result to you not achieving what you want. Always remember that proper planning needs enough time.
  • Being put on a wrong location during the Trade Show Exhibit. This problem usually happens if you came to the location late. Of course, you will be left with the un-chosen location like behind a pole, at the bottom of the area or any area that is not attractive to visitors. You should go to the area early so you can choose a good location like near the entrance, exits, elevators, stairs, windows and others. Places that have a natural flow of traffic. We know how important this is and we make it our number priority in all our expo services.
  • Having a safe and not intriguing design. Booth design matters in every trade show exhibit. It advised that you make dramatic, compelling and intriguing. Design it with something that will get the attention of the audiences. Audio backgrounds and interactive activities also help a lot in gathering people in your booth. You may also consider giving giveaways and free services like brewed coffees and buns, hiring an acrobat or giving a free spa.
  • Getting a Wrong team member. Giving a person a task which does not suite his capabilities is a big “no no”. Shy type people does not suite in this activity because you really need to talk to different people. You also not assign a business marketing staff to market an engineering stuff. Even if that person knows about marketing, still he is not knowledgeable with different engineering things that night end not satisfying a prospect buyer.
  • Taking Time in Talking to the Wrong Prospects. You staffs should know how to identify the audience that can be a prospect buyer to those who are just mere audience. They should not take too much of their time discussing details to those who can’t buy your products or services. Of course, you should also entertain them but never stay with them because you are not there to mingle but to look for a good market.

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